Wednesday, January 19, 2011


BREAKFAST necessary not only
adults but also children who are
in a period of active growth and
are always moving. Quality and
breakfast pattern clearly very
important because with a
healthy breakfast, the children
will be fulfilled nutritional
needs while also having enough
energy to berakitivitas, both
physical and brain such as
thinking, learning, and
As disclosed nutritionist who is
also Chairman of the
Department of Nutritional
Sciences Faculty of Medicine,
University of Indonesia (Faculty
of medicine), Dr Sri Sukmaniah,
MSc, SpGK (K), a healthy
breakfast for children should
follow a balanced diet that is
carbohydrate composition of
60-68 percent, 12-15 percent
protein , 20-25 percent fat and
10-15 grams of fiber. In
addition, the portion of the
breakfast is also a minimum of
20 to 25 percent of the total
allotment of calories for one
"Therefore, a healthy breakfast
for children 6-12 years ideally
consist of whole grains or whole
grains, fruits or vegetables,
nuts or their derivatives, such as
tempeh years and milk or other
animal products," said Sri within
press conference in Jakarta on
Tuesday (10 / 6) last week.
For the portion of the
distribution of calories, Sri light,
breakfast included 20-25
percent of the total dietary
needs for a day. Lunch and
dinner respectively 30 percent,
while food variety can be done
two times with portions of each
10 percent.
Breakfast can be added so that
the child's morning snack will be
provided for energy until noon.
Carbohydrate source also did
not have rice, other cereals
such as wheat class or oats or
other dairy products also can be
a substitute for rice.
Or cereal grains are the ideal
choice of menu for breakfast
considering the completeness
of the nutritional content and
value of practicality. Cereals
made from natural ingredients
and contain more fiber in
addition to a variety of vitamins.
Thus, the cereal will not only
meet energy needs, but many
essential nutrients. Choose
cereal for breakfast then it
meets a quarter of the
adequacy of calories in addition
to the adequacy of many
vitamins, and fiber.
For children, Sri also suggested
that the portion of the
breakfast should not be too
much because a large portion
would interfere with the
digestive system. "Stomach
feels full cause pain so that
their activities could be
disrupted," he said.
TIP: Prepare Breakfast Children:
1. Prepare healthy and
nutritious breakfast menu
2. Choose a breakfast menu
that are practical and varied
from different kinds of food.
3. Breakfast does not have rice.
Cereals, bread, potatoes and
noodles can be an alternative.
4. Processed products such as
milk or yogurt is highly
5. Could be supplemented with
fresh fruit or a blender
6. Give adequate drinking water
7. Give also an opportunity for
children to plan and prepare

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