Saturday, January 29, 2011


Laptop battery is one
an important component
should be noted, many
laptop battery claim does not
but not long lasting
buying a laptop.
Well here are some things
that can be done to
make our laptop battery
durable and long lasting,
Set the battery power
Way, click on Start
then choose Control Panel
and double-click on Power
Option. Dialog box appears
Power Options Properties,
Power Schemes later in
drop down menu to select
Minimal Power Management
Your Max Bettery. Well if you
durable battery please select
Battery because this choice will
conserve battery power
only membutahkan
minimum processor speed and
in this case Max Battery
cause speed
laptop decreases.
Pengecasan Batre
When the battery mengecas
until completely full and
do not overdo it (too long)
. Do not wait batre
empty for mengecas battery,
pengecasan should
done when battery is almost
exhausted and usually muincul
warning on the desktop.
Remove the battery
If the laptop is not used in
long term should
off the battery. Or when
the use of laptops in time
long should
using power
use an adapter.
Unplug the device that is not
Unplug devices
stuck on a laptop if
was not used, for example
cable camera, flash, card
Reader, etc.. This will
making power in the battery is
Reduce the brightness
That the LCD enough
drain on battery power,
therefore subtract
LCD brightness to a minimum
possible but still remain
comfortable to wear.
Reduce resulosi
Reducing the resolution can
make a reduction in
power consumption
used. To reduce
resolution on the monitor
You can right click on
Windows desktop and then
select Properties, then click on
Settings tab and on the menu
dropdown select Color Quality
lower and click Ok.
Bunakan blank screen savers
Praise be to Allaah use
screen savers may drain
battery. To create a blank
screen savers on your laptop
way as in the above manner
but on the Properties select the
Screen Saver, then on
sereen saver option pilihlan
"Blank" and set a time
waiting until 2 minutes ago
click Ok.
Disable Wi-Fi
When you do not use
Wi-Fi on a laptop should
turned off, this will
reduce power consumption
the battery.
Well the above methods you
use to make the battery
Your laptop is more durable.
Treat your laptop as well
possible and good luck.

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