Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Food provided is a special
cat food that has been
recommended to have a
complete nutrient so that
the condition of his health is
Dose adjusted feeding cat
needs to eat once
cultivated will be
exhausted so that the feed
is always changing (the
condition is in new
Avoid obesity (overweight)
by eating dose fits their
Choose a dry food because
it is practical and grain dry
granules help clean the
cat's teeth
If the cat is accustomed to
eating wet food, try
feeding 1 x fitted quantities
and the rest are still in the
cans stored in the
refrigerator and when to
feed again briefly warmed
or removed from the
refrigerator so the food
returned to its original
Place cat food should
always be clean, food
scraps (especially wet)
immediately discarded and
give food at certain hours to
get used to eating cat
knows the schedule and if a
cat is not placed in cages
provide meals in the
corner / place certain (not
removable) to familiarize
the cats know where their
food is automatically
Provide enough water to
drink (water cooking / aqua)
, stable or other place (can
be near their feeding),
although the cat will drink a
little but still need supplies
Provide a comfortable bed,
if possible made of rattan
(exterior materials) that can
be used to sharpen the nails
(to avoid scratching the sofa
or other furniture)
The box must be filled cat
feces litter (sand cat) that
are sold in pet shops / super
markets that have used
highly absorbent so it can
absorb urine quickly.
Immediately dispose of cat
feces (BAB) as soon as
possible and replace the
sand cat which already
contains a piss 2 times daily
(morning, afternoon).
Bathe the cat at least 3 x in
1 month or 1-week can also
use a shampoo with a cat
that had low pH and do it
every day for sweeping fur
coat that would not fall out
terjilat that causes cats to
vomit because of ingested
hair or if not bulu2 cat that
swallowed would interfere
with the digestive system.
Do vaccinations according to
age and needs health check
also routinely cat to your
Immediately consult your
veterinarian if the cat
showed initial tanda2
stricken with illness, such
as: do not have the
appetite / decreased
appetite, runny nose / snot
out, CHAPTER flaccid / not

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