Monday, February 14, 2011


Persian cat, himalaya or angora
is very pretty, anggung and
elegant appearance. That's
what's become one of the
reasons why people are
interested to maintain it. Its fur
is long, soft and fluffy it makes
it looks different from a cat
"village" that we often
encounter around the house.
However, these conditions can
only be found in cats long hair
well maintained. Long hair cat
that went untreated can look
more dirty, dull and 'sinister'
than the cat robber.
Some things are worth noting in
the care and maintenance of
long hair cats are:
1. Combing hair every day.
It is useful to shed the
feathers off so as not
nenempel and stuck on
the feathers that are still
alive. Fur die is not
wasted will cause the
hair to be tangled and
could cause the gimbal.
In addition, dead hair can
cause hairball, which
lumps fur in the digestive
tract due to self activity
fur swallowed while
grooming (licking his fur).
Hairball very dangerous
if not to induce vomiting.
Combing hair also
provides benefits such as
massage, which
stimulates / Accelerate
blood circulation.
2. Combing the opposite
direction of hair growth.
Comb hair from the nape
towards the front little
by little until the end of
the tail. Do it slowly,
gently and with feeling
so that the cat enjoys
this activity. Use a special
comb made of metal and
tooth comb rather tight.
3. Wipe the surface of the
face and fur that dirt is
lifted. Do this before
combed. Use a damp soft
cloth (washlap or
4. Bath with special
shampoo for cats every
2 weeks. Do this activity
when it was still early
and the weather is bright
enough (Cat in a fit
condition) so that cat fur
is not cold and dry
quickly. Good for the skin
dry with no damp. Moist
skin conditions will
stimulate the growth of
fungi. If the prior 2
weeks cat looks dirty.
Simply clean it with
warm water and towel
without using shampoo.
Shower activity that is
too often a negative
impact on the
appearance of hair and
skin health long term,
because it will damage
the layer of fat on the
feathers and skin.
Good nutrition will greatly
support the appearance and
skin health. Give a cat food that
provides additional benefits for
long hair.

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