Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tips For Children Want to EatFruits & Vegetables

Familiarize your baby to eat
fruit and vegetables is not easy.
Need special tricks to make kids
want to eat fruit and
There is no other better way of
teaching in advance about the
benefits of the foods they eat.
These five tips so that your kids
will enjoy the fruits and
1. Get used from as early as
Although easier, get children
should avoid eating junk food or
fast food restaurant. Begin to
familiarize your child eating
fruits, replace the packaging
with a piece of fruit snacks
fresh and tasty.
2. Combine with a menu
You can lure your child with a
mix of fruit or vegetable on the
food menu favorite. For
example, the input of
vegetables into the batter
macaroni schotel favorite child,
your child will be guaranteed to
enjoy the moment - when
eating vegetables.
3. Teach by example.
If you eat unhealthy foods,
your child will see and imitate.
So start now start from seniri
and give yourself a good
example by eating healthy
foods with her.
4. Let your child choose.
Next time when you shop at the
supermarket, do not forget nTo
bring your baby and let her
choose the fruit or vegetable
that became his favorite. You
can teach a creative way to eat
it. Bananas will look very boring
when eaten just like that, try to
cut it and put peanut butter and
chocolate sow thereon for an
interesting view.
5. Teach the benefits and
Maybe you think that identifies
the benefits of broccoli to the
child will not be heard by them,
but do not underestimate the
kids. They need to know the
reasons and benefits of eating
healthy foods and do not be
tired to continue to explain it to

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