Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Diabetes mellitus is a medical
disorder where a person's blood
sugar levels to be high because
the sugar in the blood can not
be used by the body. Diabetes
Mellitus / DM disease also
known as blood sugar or
diabetes who have a lot jumpah
patients in Indonesia is also in
the whole world.
In people with healthy
carbohydrates in food that is
eaten is converted into glokosa
which will be distributed to all
body cells to be used as energy
with the help of insulin. In
people who suffer from
diabetes, glucose entry into
cells is difficult because little or
no insulin in the body
substance. As a result glucose
levels in the blood becomes
high that can later be side
effects that are negative or
High sugar content which will
be disposed of through urine.
Thus the urine of people with
diabetes will contain sugar so
often dilebung or surrounded
by ants. Furthermore, the
person will lack energy /
energy, tiredness, weakness,
easy to thirsty and hungry,
often tingling, frequent
urination, itching, and so forth.
The content of sugar or
diabetes while fasting is more
than 126 mg / dl and when not
fasting or normal more than
200 mg / dl. In the normal sugar
content ranges from 60-120
mg / dl.
Disease to be caused by disease
of blood sugar are visually
impaired eyes, cataracts, heart
disease, kidney disease, sexual
impotence, poor healing sores
and rotting / gangrene, lung
infections, vascular disorders,
strokes and so forth. Not
uncommon for people with
severe limb amputation can be
due to decay. Therefore it is
advisable to do a serious
treatment for people with and
implement / lead a healthy
lifestyle and good for those
who are still healthy and that is
There are two types of
diabetes mellitus, type 1
diabetes is where the body
lacks insulin or phrase Insulin
Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
(IDDM) and type 2 diabetes in
which the hormone insulin in
the body can not function
properly or a term of Non-
Insulin Dependent Diabetes
Mellitus (NIDDM .)
Diabetes is not 100%
hereditary. Diabetes can
melistus disebakan history and
descent caused by bad
lifestyle. Each person can get
diabetes both young and old. Be
alert for those of you who have
parents who are diabetic, as you
will also have blood sugar
talent if not run a good
The risk of developing diabetes
can be reduced by adjusting the
diet of healthy, diligent
exercise, enough sleep, avoiding
cigarettes mirasantika and so
forth. For those of you who
have been hit with diabetes
should exercise every morning,
eat a nutritious diet low in
carbohydrates and fat but high
in protein, vitamins and
minerals. Expand to eat
vegetables and other high fiber
foods. Diligent, industrious
check your blood sugars and
injecting insulin into the body
and take medication if
necessary according to the
instructions your doctor
regularly. That way you can
avoid the risk of more severe

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