Wednesday, March 16, 2011

cassava, yams, potatoes, a substitute for rice

why do people still rely on
Indonesia and getting used to
eating rice?
whereas there are many other
staple food source that can be
used as a substitute mekanan
rice and easy in production and
planting. see cassava abundant
and easily grown and the price is
cheap. limited amount of rice
produced and is difficult to
cause price rise becoming more
and more in tune with rising
population growth and dietary
habits of society that does not
we should not be too familiar
and dependent on one type of
staple foods only. we must
make our diet varies with
different methods of
presentation / recipes. so when
the rice becomes scarce and
expensive, people will not be
affected because it can eat
sweet potatoes, maize, cassava,
potato, sago, vegetables, fruits
and so forth.
government together with
communities to create new
recipes as a simple but tasty
and nutritious for the public
expenditures for meals and
drinks can be low as cheap-
cheap for the money can be
saved and used for other more
important purposes such as for
education, health, welfare , and
so forth.
start of self-dependence and
addiction to not eating rice. try
to switch the menu like eating
rice corn, cereals, oats, instant
noodles, mashed potatoes, corn
noodles, yam noodles, honey
roasted sweet potatoes, and so
forth. if rice prices rise then we
would not be much affected
because we can eat the other.
when others are also rising,
eating another, and so on.

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