Friday, January 28, 2011


Age is already rolling. As the
movement of time, of course,
the sophistication of
technology such as computers
are not a luxury anymore. Even
saw a child aged 5 years and so
smooth to play the computer is
not a strange apparition again. It
may be that even the pitcher
and Upik at home also has more
familiar clack-click a computer
mouse than you are.
Computer seemed to be 2 sides
of the coin is totally different.
On the one hand this thing can
overwhelm your child with a
myriad of additional
knowledge, but on the other
hand, that he would be more
fun to play computer than
hanging out with friends
seumurannya also a concern
that you save. This dependence
on a single object can also be a
problem in itself.
Trish (4) learn to recognize the
new computer, have fun trying
out educational programs in the
familiar colors and shapes, while
Rafi smart now because of the
frequent practice of
mathematics with computer
assistance. While on the other
hand, Dino (6 years) is now more
like hanging out with a
computer than with his friends.
He even could spend hours just
to play games and be a lazy
The emergence of computer
technology itself is neutral in
fact. Positive or negative
influence that can come from
this instrument course a lot
depends on the utilization.
When children are allowed to
use the computer at random,
the impact could be negative.
Instead, the computer will have
a positive influence when used
wisely, that is helping the
intellectual and motor
development of children.
Computer enclosure
Actually the word is only as an
expression of fencing that
parents can guide children to
use computers without having
to make the child affected by
the negative.
Which must be observed is
probably the consumption of
games and the Internet. A wide
variety of computer games
sometimes escape from
parental supervision. And
sometimes games simply
loaded with elements of
violence and aggressiveness.
Many education experts warns
that violence and aggression
scented games this is a trigger
aggressive behavior in child and
sadistic. For the Internet, this
may be a problem for your
baby that is growing
increasingly large. Internet
access actually is a good start
for developing insights into a
child. Unfortunately, children
are also threatened by the
number of bad information that
is flooding the Internet, such as
sex and violence-charged
materials are sold openly and
without hindrance.
Dangers of Addiction
It should be noted, too, not
only drugs that can lead to
addiction, because the
computer can do the same on
your baby. Negative influence
of computer addiction play is
sparking children become lazy
to write, draw or even social
activities. So what should you
do as a parent so that the
computer can still be friends
and not become the enemy of
children? Consider the
following ..
Addicted to playing computer
could occur mainly because
since the beginning of a parent
does not make the rules of
playing the computer. Make a
deal with the child about the
time playing computer games.
For example, children can play
computer after school after
they finish their homework for
one hour only. The time can be
given more lenient on holidays.
Give children the opportunity
to learn and interact with
computers early on. Especially
considering the use of
computers is something that
can not be avoided in the
present and the future.
Stock Watch
The light is too bright and the
view distance is too close to
disturb the child's sense of
vision. Keep an eye on it to
prevent disruption of the
function of your baby's senses.
Choose the specific software
that is intended for children.
Adjust always with the child's
age and ability.
It should be safe. Note the
safety of children while playing
computer from dangerous
electrical voltage. Do not let
happen konsleting or possibly
electrocuted certain parts of
the body exposed to the
computer CPU.
Provide a table or chair
ergonomic computer and in
accordance with the shape and
size of the child's body. Make
your baby comfortable in such
a case. Form of property that is
not ergonomic can adversely
affect the development of
anatomical shape of the child.
Do not get too cool to play the
computer, so forget your child
hang out with friends
sepantarannya. Embed him that
the computer is not the only
fun activity that can be done by
playing and socializing with
friends is also not less
Well, good-playing computer ..

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