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First aid kit for chidren fever

It is writing about the
compresses and fever.
Hopefully a little help
Written by Dr. Hardiono
Pusponegoro, SpA (K)
These days children fever still
compress with ice cubes?
Instead of
down, the fever even more
ride. In fact, if the child is
compressed with
ice cubes he would cry and
shiver, often until the blue. In
it was cold but in fact the body
temperature rises due
shivering increases body heat.
Even worse when compressed
alcohol. If inhaled can cause
poisoning. We own as
adults, when the fever would
not want a cold shower
because it felt
Cold compresses sometimes
do need to be done in the
Emergency Unit at
certain patients, usually who
suffered brain damage so that
the body
unable to regulate its own
So how do I compress the
1. Open his shirt in a cool room
2. Wipe with a little warm
3. When the water evaporates,
the heat will go down without
Better yet, when given the
lowering of fever such as
paracetamol or
ibuprofen, especially when a
high fever of more than 39oC
If the child fevers
Written by Dr. Hardiono
Pusponegoro, SpA (K)
Fever is one reason parents
bring their children to the
Some parents think that a
fever is something bad and
can cause brain damage. Such
a view is not correct
because the fever is actually
one of our bodies attempt to
protect the body from
infection. In the event of an
infection, the body will
produce more heat. With the
heat then attempt to kill
microorganisms that cause
infections become more
Fever is a rise in body
temperature more than 38oC
(measured in the armpit).
It is often not serious, but
sometimes too serious. So we
asked what the possible causes
of fever in my child? Is fever
is serious or not?
The cause serious fever such as
pneumonia or inflammation of
the lung. There
three main symptoms of
pneumonia are high fever and
the most important
is the presence of shortness of
Examples of other serious
infection is meningitis, an
infection of the membranes
brain. The disease is extremely
rare. The signs that we need to
be aware
towards the possibility of
1. Contact her eyes are not
good? Such a child does not
look to
2. He looked in pain when
moving the head and did not
3. Children had seizures.
4. In infants, the crown size of
5. When the fever down child
remains listless.
In as much as 5% of children,
febrile seizures can occur.
Actually seizures
fever is not dangerous, but
very scary for parents.
new fever became a problem
and referred to as complex
febrile seizures
if the seizure lasts more than
15 minutes, the seizure of the
side member
body only, recurrent seizures
for more than 2 times per day,
occurred in
infants less than one year, or a
year more than 4 times the
Febrile seizures that occur in
children who already have a
nervous breakdown
previously also require
continuous therapy.
Children who like what he
experienced simple febrile
seizures and those
Parents do not need to worry?
If febrile seizures are
kelojotan or stiff throughout
the body, lasted less than 15
and after the seizure the child
unconscious. How do I know if
my child
conscious? Usually the baby
will cry while in older children
large when invoked his name
will look.
Although often not dangerous,
parents always worry about
fever. Children with fever
tend to be more fussy or lazy
and lazy eating. Sometimes it
may happen less fluid or
dehydration. Drug
lowering a fever helps lower
the fever so that children
become more
Drugs that can be used to
reduce fever
Paracetamol or
Febrifuge is the most widely
available in pa-sar
with various brands.
Paracetamol is the safest drug
for children with minimal side
effects. Paracetamol has two
effect of reducing fever and
relieve pain so the child
become more comfortable.
Paracetamol is safe when used
in the range
dose of 10-15 mg / kg / per
time of administration, may 4
times daily. Paracetamol
berbahanya new when used in
excessive doses, ie
at a dose of 200 mg / kg /
time. At the dose of
paracetamol can
cause liver damage.
Unfortunately, paracetamol is
often mixed in cold
medications. If the child
you are taking cold medicines
that contain paracetamol, do
give paracetamol again later
becomes terlau large dose.
Can be used in children older
than 6 months, side effects
are nausea, vomiting, stomach
pain and sometimes to bleeding
A single dose of 10 mg / kg /
time, given 3x/hari. Effect
reduce fever stronger than
paracetamol, but its side
also greater. Meperbesar risk
of bleeding
It is rarely used as a febrifuge
due to
cause side effects stomach
pain, stomach bleeding and the
effects of
serious side of Reye's
Through oral or anal?
Paracetamol can be given by
mouth or anus. When children
high fever, vomiting and
difficult to take medication, it is
better provided through
anus. Drugs given via the anus
usually work faster because
directly absorbed into the
blood vessels. The use of
suppositories is very easy,
can be done alone at home.
Tips for overcoming fever in
1. Give paracetamol to help
reduce fever. The dose
is 10-15 mg for each kilogram
of body weight of children, eg
weighing 15 kg to 150-225 mg
paracetamol. No need to
correct. Check the packaging,
how many milligrams
contained in any spoon
drug or each tablet.
Paracetamol working period is
shorter than
ibuprofen. Should be given 6
times a day.
2. Some older people are like
ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is given
a dose of 10 mg / kBB / times.
For example children weighing
memerkukan kg of ibuprofen
100 mg once a gift. May be
repeated 3 times
per day.
3. Give drugs via the rectum if
high fever, vomiting, difficulty
4. Do not compress the child
with cold water or alcohol for
going to shiver. Skin is te-
flavor ice-cold when
compressed, but
shivering will raise the
temperature in the body and
the children feel very
not bad. The best way is to fill
the bathtub with water as high
as 5
cm, with temperatures
29-33oC. The water should
feel slightly warm when
shed in the back of your hand.
Let the child sit in the tub,
then wipe the body, hands and
feet with warm water it. Water
will evaporate and the body
temperature will fall. Keep the
room temperature 24oC.
Warm compresses will reduce
fever within 30-45 minutes.
5. Do not use thick or layered
clothing. Use clothing
thin so that help relieve fever
through the process of
6. Can use a fan, but who's
directed wind
directly to the child's body.
7. Drinking enough water is the
most important thing, because
child with a fever can become
8. Eating should be allowed to

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