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Rheumatism is a disease that
attacks the joints and
surrounding structures.
Rheumatism can attack the
head to toe. Common
rheumatic arthritis is also called
by the name of this disease is
generally characterized by a
number of symptoms, such as
swelling, redness, pain in the
knee, elbow, wrist or at the
other joints, disorders of the
muscles and tendons.
symptoms of arthritis is quite
Rheumatism consists of 150
species. But there are four
types of rheumatism of the
most frequently encountered
in our society are osteoarthritis
caused by calcification,
rheumatic arthritis that attacks
the outer outside cartilage
tissue, rheumatic inflammation,
and arthritis caused by thinning.
Tempat2 Rheumatic Disease
"About 50 percent of
complaints joint pain caused by
calcification. Significant
depletion of tissue calcification
of cartilage that serves as a
cushion joints, '
Worn bearings in the joints that
causes friction, causing bone
pain. Calcification is a process of
degeneration that began at the
age of 40 years. The speed of
the process of degeneration is
different in each person.
Joints someone could start
trouble at the age of 40. But
there are people who until the
age of the '70s joint fine. How
quickly this process is
determined by several risk
factors, "including: the quality
of cartilage and overweight.
Good cartilage will be more
resistant to wear condition. Like
a car tire if the quality is good,
then the joints are not easily
wear out even if worn for long.
Types of most common
rheumatic world's population is
rheumatoid arthritis (AR),
namely rheumatoid arthritis,
gout (uric acid) caused by
excessive uric acid levels in the
blood, and osteoarthritis (OR),
the calcification of the joints.
ccording dr.Riardi Pramudiyo,
SpPD-KR from RS.Hasan Sadikin,
Bandung, OR is a joint disease
most often found. This disease
is degenaratif, the incidence
rate increases with age. The
accompanying symptoms
include, pain in the joints after
the patient perform the
activity, or changes in weather
from hot to cold. As disclosed
Riadi, OR trigger is usually
because there is another
disease or condition. "It is not
known what causes primary,
but secondary causes of
obesity could be due to people,
so the burden that must be
supported by the knee is too
large, or because of excessive
wear of the knee, such as a
professional footballer," he
Types of rheumatic disease
that affects many other people
of Indonesia are rheumatoid
arthritis (AR). This disease most
commonly affects the age
group 20-50 years. The
common symptoms found is
when you wake up stiff joints
and patients with difficult
Rheumatism in the productive
age are usually caused by
inflammation. This
inflammation can be due to uric
acid or other causes.
Rheumatism because uric acid is
often found in men aged in their
30s and 40s.
This species, according to Dr.
Harry Isbagio, occurs because
the excess of purine
metabolism that accumulate in
the joints. Embankment for
which cause pain in joints.
Doctor Harry frequently meet
public misconceptions about
gout. Patients often come to
consult with a uric acid test
results. "They asked why
uratnya normal acid exposure
but a doctor diagnose arthritis.
They misunderstand about
rheumatism. Not all arthritis
caused by uric acid, "he
Autoimmune disorders such as
lupus, including types of
rheumatic disease caused by
inflammation. In this disorder
are not immune to function as
an exterminator of bacteria,
viruses or foreign substances
that enter the body. Immunity
would damage healthy tissue,
including tissue in joints.
Likewise with RA (Rheumatoid
Arthritis). The disease include
inflammation of joints that the
cause is still unknown.
According to the Encyclopedia
of Public Health, there have
been indications that the
genetic patterns responsible
for the occurrence of this
RA can strike people at any age,
including toddlers.
Inflammation of this disease
occurs in synovial tissue found
in joints. This network serves to
produce joint lubricating fluid.
In RA patients, this tissue to
swell and show a lot of
inflamed cells.
Prevent, Precepts and
Rheumatism Treatment
According Riadi, the drugs now
on the market no one can heal
rheumatic diseases .
Medications just to relieve pain
and prevent further joint
damage. " Treatment of
arthritis is usually long term,
"he said. If the arthritis that
attacks the patient had reached
the stage joint deformity
(transformation of the joints)
then the cost incurred for
treatment, including expensive,
there are even drugs that cost
tens of millions of dollars once
a syringe.
Drugs commonly given to a
doctor in patients of rheumatic
diseases such as type analgesic
(pain reliever), which can
suppress the prostaglandins,
causing inflammation. These
drugs have side effects, gastric
disorders. Therefore, the
presence of specific rheumatic
drugs such as celecoxib, was
welcomed because it has little
side effects on the stomach and
kidneys. Another class of drugs
is corticosteroids, to resolve
inflammation (inflammation)
and suppress the immune
system so that the reaction of
reduced inflammation in
rheumatoid arthritis. The form
of this drug could be dioles
cream on the skin or injection.
Unfortunately, these drugs
have side effects such as
swelling, increased appetite,
weight gain, and emotional
In addition to pharmaceuticals,
to relieve pain can also be done
without drugs, for example
with an ice pack. "Apply ice to
lower the threshold of pain and
reduced function of enzymes,"
said Riadi. Then, many kinds of
vegetables that can be
consumed by patients with
rheumatoid arthritis, such as
celery juice, cabbage or carrots
that could reduce symptoms of
arthritis . Several types of herbs
can also help fight arthritis pain,
such as ginger and turmeric,
celery seed, leaf aloe vera,
rosemary, aroma therapy, or oil
juniper that could eliminate
swelling in the joints.
Maintain ideal body weight is
one sensible step to reduce pain
in the knee joint. Any excess
weight overload the knee joint
and hip, and increase pain due to
rheumatism. In addition, excess
body weight increases the risk
of uric acid.
Moderate exercise such as
walking beneficial for patients
with rheumatoid arthritis due to
uric acid. This is because walking
burns calories, strengthens
muscles and build strong bones
without disturbing the joints are
To do the exercise should
consult a doctor or therapist, in
order to learn the best
movements. Advised to avoid
exercise overload the knee.
"Badminton, volleyball, tennis,
jogging, martial arts should not
be done. Especially when
rheumatic gout was kind of
recurrence. Standing too long
will cause tremendous pain, "he
In addition to treating, we can
also prevent the arrival of this
disease, such as not exercising
excessively, keep your weight
remains stable, and keep the
intake of food is always
balanced in accordance with the
needs of the body, especially a
lot of eating fish from the deep
sea. If you are not eating
enough fish, taking
supplements could be an
option, particularly those
containing omega 3. In the
omega 3 contained a substance
that is very effective to keep
the joints to remain supple.
Do not joke about symptoms of
rheumatic symptoms that arise.
Once the pain began to appear,
immediately consult a physician
to detect which ones just plain
stiff or which are symptoms of
arthritis .

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