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CHILDREN AND TELEVISION [ taken: www.Kulinet.Com ]

Conscious or not, today's
private television stations is
growing rapidly expanding, not
only in urban areas, but in the
countryside have a similar
impact. As parents, how
important is introducing
television to the children and
your children and what parents
need to know in relation to this
Nothing could be more, based
on the fact that there are
nearly most of the people of
Indonesia have at least one
television at home unt
respectively. Moreover, most
of us may be able to spend time
to watch television is almost
more than ten hours or even
more. Because really, television
is really needed people to get
information from all corners of
the country. Maybe the parents
do not need what is being
studied by scientists about the
influence of television on our
children, but these things are
already sehasrunya parents
• A lot of impressions to
children on television showing
scenes of violence, vulgar, or
even tend destructive. Once
you go watch cartoons with the
children or your children, even
though packaged as a film
genre Cartoons but in reality is
still far away as we expected.
For example: Sponge Bob, Bugs
Bunny, etc. Shinchan. Portrait
realistic that there are still
many showing violent actions
adults typically do like to
strangle, beat, shot, slammed,
or even the desire to destroy
your opponent. It is as if just
like a movie for adults that are
packed through the cartoons. If
programs like this continue to
be consumed by children every
day, it is not impossible this will
increase the likelihood of a child
to violent behavior in the
• The pattern of thinking of
children not yet mature. They
are still unable to distinguish
right and interpret what they
see on the television screen like
real life. Examples: children,
especially toddlers still much
to interpret that character /
characters they see on
television is the figure actually
live in their television. This
could exacerbate the
perception of children and
confuse them in learning what
is real and unreal in this world.
One time it could grow the idea
of fear, trauma, and even make
things that are considered
contrary from the perspective
of a child. That's what parents
really need to be able to
provide assistance and
explanations for children and
infants you understand very
well according to their
• Watching television can make
a child's addiction or addictive.
The more a child is often watch
television, then the greater the
desire to see again. Have you
ever noticed? a baby any one
time were actually made not
want to turn his eyes from the
screen, especially if the events
that took place very make her
curious and want to know. Even
when they start to addiction, if
we turn off the TV when
they're still fun to watch may
make them angry, cry or even
cranky, too. Children who
watch TV in excess will
naturally tend to be passive and
will lose their creativity. The
time should they use to play, to
be wasted spent in front of the
television screen.
• And indeed, sometimes we as
parents began to make the TV
media as a "shortcut" to make
children feel comfortable,
happy and not cry. If we use
the services of Baby-sitter or
nanny, especially in big cities,
often television was as a
powerful way through daily life
in the whining and crying
silently. Simply turn on the
Cartoon TV program or DVD
then the child will turn easily
hypnotized in the event that
saw it.
• Children who frequently saw
a TV in their daily life,
unnecessarily, will very likely
be at risk for obesity, poor social
development, and may even
affect their behavior to be
selfish. The sequel will in the
future will enter the Playgroup
or when entering kindergarten,
will be easy emotionally
moody, hard to socialize, hard
to respond to and capture
lessons delivered when
compared to those who
consume little or no television
at all.
If we are talking whether or not
a child is introduced to the TV,
may vary according to your
needs and our role as parents
who were very big impact on
child development. Perhaps we
also need to consider some tips
that can minimize the negative
effects that may occur and
maximize the positive role of
television for our baby:
• Pause before introducing TV
to your toddler as much as
possible. It is better if the tread
around the age of two years
before you introduce your baby
on television. However, if in
fact, indeed, could not forbid
children to see the TV, then we
should really choose jelly
programs for children, also limit
the time to watch television or
even make him forget the
television in every day. The less
time for television will get
better, and your goal is
reached. If I need to create a
schedule to see TV, for
example 30 minutes or an hour
per day, or to her favorite
event, so that we will not turn
on the TV too often for our
• For more good you had a time
to watch the show on TV
before you membolahkan your
children see it. Although the
event for the child intended to
provide a good moral message
to us, but the more good we
give a sufficient understanding
in children. Also, continuously
providing assistance or go see
with your child / your children,
because it found a lot of TV
shows that do not comply with
the portion of children,
especially about the violence.
• Give more attention to the ads
that appear on TV. Because at
some point the ad was too large
to give effect to the child to
become accustomed to mimic
what is on the ad.
• Choose the program that is
really for children, which can
help increase creativity and
imajinya. For those of us
probably will be felt tedious in a
long time probably also by
following what he wanted. But
most importantly, look as if we
do it from the perspective of a
• If it is deemed necessary, the
complete collection of your
VCD or DVD with a program to
educate children. So if
whenever you want, you can
lead children to view programs
for children that have been
scheduled, whenever want to
see it. So, to keep them away
from seeing TV shows that are
not necessary.
Once again dampingilah your
children watch TV, so you can
see what the direct reaction of
the child and your toddler. Ask
questions if necessary, and also
participate to discuss with
them. Make a right decision
about how you as a parent to
use television wisely on your
family, do not position the
discourse is only out of
necessity or chance alone.

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