Thursday, January 20, 2011


Being parents of hyperactive
children definitely is one of the
very difficult task. Here are
some tips that you can apply in
an effort to deal with
hyperactive children.
1. Teach discipline in
hyperactive children, so
that he can manage
himself well.
2. Do not punish him for the
behavior of hyperactive
children is not your fault.
3. Never label a child as a
child hyperactive
naughty, lazy or stupid,
because eventually it will
be like that labeled him.
4. The effectiveness of
different therapies for
each child. Parents should
determine the best
therapy for children.
5. Most importantly give
affection (not spoil) in
hyperactive children than
other relatives. The
reason, how much love
that is poured on
hyperactive children, will
never be full.
6. In teaching your child is
hyperactive, do not be
bored to continue to
repeat things that can be
learned quickly and
remembered by normal
7. In front of your child is,
say to others if he is a
good boy, and do not
comment on the
mistakes he had done.
8. The constant /
constantly alert to any
actions that may
endanger himself or
9. Expand communication
with your child. If in
normal children we tend
to communicate at
certain moments, in
hyperactive children we
have to communicate
"once every one minute."
10. One of the hardest things
to overcome is when a
hyperactive child was at
the dinner table and we
asked him eat his own.
Maybe he'll even play
food or running around
the table. Do not scold
him! All you do is you
have to feed them with
So Many diagnostic tips are
expected to help you. Facing
You may not be as easy as
hyperactivity theory that we
read, but with patience and
grounded sense of our love for
the child, we certainly can do it.
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