Monday, January 31, 2011


Seeing cartoons are cute and
fun, your toddler would never
want to miss the TV show. But,
as parents, we must be diligent
in overseeing what the
spectacle of children. The
following tips:
Get used to talk with children
about the film that is or has
been seen. He knows there
are many interesting things
can be learned from
watching movies. You can
ask her to open the
encyclopedia or other books
to explore more deeply
about the themes being
discussed in the cartoon.
Invite a child caregivers in
choosing a good cartoon.
Create a schedule to watch
television: "who should" and
"should not be".
As a substitute for television
movie, choose DVD / VCD
appropriate age and
In addition to watching
television, encourage child
berkegiatan in hours he
played with storybook
reading, the streets around
the complex, making toys,
playing in the garden or
Do not let children watch TV
programs on its own release.
You certainly do not want khan
if negative influence over your
child's TV

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