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OAT meals for healthy life

Delicious: Presentation of
cereal grain can be varied
without reducing benefits for
health. You can add milk or
broth with natural spices such
as soup or soup.
JAKARTA - porridge oats or
oatmeal may be not very
popular in middle-hands of
Indonesian society. Though the
menu is not just a usual source
of carbohydrate. Cereal is the
best source of fiber is made
from grain that is processed by
not eliminating the source of
The outermost layer (oatbran)
on the inside wheat seeds
(Groats) that is used as cereals
which became the country's
main food of Scotland and
Ireland, as the best source of
fiber that can be digested
Clinical nutrition specialist from
Fatmawati Hospital, Jakarta, Dr.
Pauline Endang Praptini MS says
consumption of 70 grams of
oatmeal on a daily basis to bind
cholesterol and remove it from
the body.
"The fiber found in oats can
absorb cholesterol.
Consumption of regular oats
can lower cholesterol in the
body and keep the body of
coronary heart disease," said
Pauline doing research with the
title 'The Effect of Cholesterol
Oatmeal On' in 1999. The study
involved 30 adult men aged 40
years and over in good health
and cholesterol levels 220-300
mg / dl.
The study was conducted over
six weeks to the treatment of
wheat by 75 grams per day in
the form of cakes and porridge.
"The result is decreased 14% in
total cholesterol and LDL
cholesterol decreased 17%,"
said Pauline.
According to the American
Cancer Society oats is soluble
fiber that can lower LDL
cholesterol without lowering
HDL cholesterol. LDL is bad
cholesterol, while HDL is good
cholesterol. Oats also contain
glikemi low. With so oatmeal is
very good for diabetics because
the level of blood sugar
produced after eating very low.
Tinnginya LDL is the main cause
of rising cases of coronary heart
disease. Although there is a
more rapid pharmacological
therapy for lowering LDL, but
treatment with wheat cereal
eating healthier and without
side effects. It's a little
troublesome and time
Also oatmeal is another good
source of nutrients such as
vitamin E, zinc, selenium,
copper, iron and magnesium. as
well as a good source of protein
for the body.
Creative Process
Taste the tasteless wheat
cereal consumption is often a
healthy diet is still lacking.
Though the menu can be
processed with the addition of
other foods to enhance flavor,
without reducing the benefits
to health.,
Here are some ways to get
around the presentation of
cereal grain to make it more
delicious, among others:
· Use milk when making cereal
grain. In addition to more
savory, add milk will also
contain more calcium and
· Tambahakan low-calorie sugar.
This will make the cereal grain is
sweet but still healthy because
of low-calorie sugar used.
· Make a gravy by using natural
herbs. Try to make a cereal
grain with a sauce or soup soup.
Avoid using excessive salt or
flavorings arena this would be a
contradiction with the benefits
of oats.
· Combine vegetables, nuts or
fruits. To make food taste and
look more attractive
campurakan a couple of
vegetables such as carrots, red
beans or broccoli. Fruits like
kiwi, strawberries, grapes or
peaches can also be used. In
addition to being more
comfortable, add fruit to create
a more healthy oatmeal.

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