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Aka dizziness headache for
many people have become
daily habits. Curious about
what's going on behind the
headache? 11 This fact may
slightly reduce your dizziness.
Well, do not be confused first.
Eleven facts about the
dizziness that was launched
health24, Tuesday
(20/03/2007) This might be a
little give enlightenment:
1. In ancient Greece headache
treated with peppermint-
scented tea. Besides tea, herb
mixture camomile, rosemary,
and lavender are also believed
to relieve mild headache. The
mixture of potatoes, cabbage,
and onions to compress the
head is also often used.
2. Headaches due to counter-
attack. This type of pain occurs
because someone drank too
much headache medicine. This
pain will not stop until these
people stop the drugs
commonly headache drink.
Consumption of headache
medicine that is too often can
damage the kidneys and liver.
3. The assumption says
migraines are hereditary was
not entirely wrong. Children
who experience migraine
generally have one of the
immediate family who
experienced the same thing. If
one parent has migraine, the
child has a 50% chance of
frequent migraines headaches
alias. But if both parents of
migraine patients will likely rise
to 75%.
4. Headaches are generally
harmless. It causes headache
discomfort of profound and
sometimes make a person
helpless, but generally
harmless headache. Such a mild
headache can be cured by
medicines that are available in
supermarkets dizziness or lie
down for a moment in a dark
5. Dizziness due to fasting is
caused due to low blood sugar.
Another factor causing
dizziness, among others, stress,
pollution, noise, smoke, flashing
lights, and some foods cause
6. Migraine is associated with
hormonal fluctuations. Many
women who develop migraine a
few days before menstruation.
Some other women actually
suffer from migraine headaches
when coming months. Women
suffer more migraines than
7. A healthy lifestyle is the
main solution. Not smoking, not
drinking alcohol, adequate
sleep, healthy diet, and
moderate exercise every day is
guaranteed to make someone a
headache-free. Different if
indeed you are suffering from
congenital disease that can
cause headaches.
8. Muscle tension headache is
the most common. Neck and
shoulder muscle tension is a
potential cause dizziness. If you
have this, the pain may last for
9. Men more often suffer from
persistent headaches than
women. These headaches
usually occur at the same hour
on several days on a regular
basis. Such headaches can make
a person helpless. But generally
this headache lasted more than
90 minutes. Smokers and
people who drink alcohol are
frequently suffer from this kind
of headache.
10. Dizziness because ice cream
is not just a myth. Consuming a
cold dessert or half a frozen can
also cause headaches. Such a
headache is caused by the
tension of blood vessels due to
attack of cold ice cream.
Impaired blood flow can cause
swelling of blood vessels.
11. Some foods trigger
headaches, among others,
brown, yellow cheese, dairy
products, red meat, vegetable
extracts, and foods high in
monosodium glutamate and
alcohol. But one's reaction is not
always the same, it all depends
on the person's body
# KlinikSehatMadani

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