Thursday, January 20, 2011


toddler insomnia? many factors
that cause children or our
children insomnia. Yet the
human need for sleep should be
adequate for uninterrupted
productivity. If adults need to
sleep around 6-8 hours per day,
then the baby needs 16-20
hours sleep. While the toddler
takes about 12-13 hours of
sleep per day, and about 10
hours of sleep in children over
five years. If less than that,
should be wary that the infant
or child is having trouble
Some symptoms of sleep-
deprived children are:
1. Difficulty in waking in the
2. Emotional
3. Impulsive
4. Fussy
5. Easily Frustrated
6. Decrease in level of
7. Lack of concentration
8. Memory becomes weak.
9. Impaired cognitive function,
so that he is more aggressive
and hyperactive, a dissident and
The cause of child insomnia
1. A noisy or hot.
2. Habit of watching television
before bed.
3. Fear of something.
4. Caused diseases such as
asthma, allergies, etc.. That
cause students difficulty
5. Performing heavy activities
such as playing games or joking.
Tips for good sleep patterns of
1. Since the beginning specify
what time the child should
2. Sleeping in the right way that
is in bed, not in arms or in the
3. Create an environment that
cool, comfortable and quiet.
4. Get used to turn off the
lights, and only use a small light
or light from another room.
5. Many experts recommend
that children sleep alone.

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