Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tips for children vegetables

Seeing the children grow and
develop to perfection is the
hope of every parent. No
wonder if it is to realize the
child is given food that contains
enough nutrients and vitamins.
One way to meet the
nutritional adequacy and
vitamins is to eat vegetables.
But for some parents it is
difficult because the child does
not like to eat vegetables. If
this parent is usually persuaded
by the lure so that children will
eat vegetables.
Actually there are other ways
that can be done for the pitcher
and the Upik want to eat
vegetables without having to
be persuaded, among others, as
Make a vegetable serving as
attractive as possible. For
example, if you cook soup, you
can form a piece of carrot-like
sunflower or add macaroni with
interesting shapes. Use also a
fairly large bowl with a motif or
image that is also attractive to
cause the child's appetite.
If the child still will not eat
vegetables, you can serve
these vegetables in the form of
juice mixed with ice, such as
carrots, tomatoes or cucumber.
To be more added flavor, add a
little sugar or honey is also
good for his health. Do not
forget to look attractive,
decorate the glass with a straw
colored, small umbrella or
other creations.
Another thing you can do is
arrange vegetables on the
plate in such a way that is
interesting to look at and eat.
You can use the cucumber,
carrots, green beans and celery
to make people's faces on a
plate. Berkreasilah as closely as
possible with other vegetables
for the child's appetite can
Related to the above points,
you can also invite your child to
participate in creative form a
meal becomes unsightly. From
this step was expected that a
child's imagination will be
When cooking, take your child
to take part in this activity, for
example, they can help wash
vegetables to be cooked or if
the child is old enough let them
cut veggies with parental
supervision of course. Let them
also occasionally stirring the
vegetables are being made.
From here the expected child
will try to eat what was cooked.
The final step is to try is to hide
vegetables in their diet. For
example, to include small
vegetable in sandwiches. Good

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