Sunday, February 20, 2011


Confused how to bathe a cat
grooming yourself at home.
Actually it is not difficult weeks
to bathe a cat. And indeed we
should get used to bathe the
pet cats of our own without
having to go to petshop2.
besides we can save energy,
save money and time saving.
are also cleaning our cat is more
secure than that our cat will
also be more near and dear to
us. So temen2 all not to be
confused or hesitate weeks to
try to get used to bathe the cat
yourself at home. And this time
I will try to help teman2 all.
okay we begin ...
Alat2 who need to prepare:
1. Warm water
2. Yg soft towel
3. Special shampoo cats
4. Cotton
5. Hair drayer
6. Special comb cat
7. Special Perfume cat
After all he had in ready, then
we begin to close the hole
pertama2 cat ears with cotton
use for water could not get into
his ear while being bathed. Body
wash a cat with berlahan2 while
rubbed gently to get the water
can penetrate to the base of his
skin. Then give a special
shampoo cats rub all over her
body from head to tip beware lest the
cat's eyes and nose. Rub gently
until foamy let stand about 3
minutes then flush again until
clean and make sure there is no
shampoo left dibulu2 his reply.
After that, dry with a soft
towel and then dry in the sun
under which the sun about half
an hour. After that dry the cat
with heirdrayer bulu2 to dry.
After bulu2 cat dry benar2 then
disisi2 last reply neat and
special cat spray a little

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