Monday, February 21, 2011


I never knew if the process was
healthy too painful cough. So
far I believe that all illnesses
that God gave man was to
remove sin and guilt, and also to
give new strength to the
people to live their lives after
resting for a moment the
normal mechanism of body
Coughing is a function of the
body's defense was created by
God to man, with a rapid
response of the body when
there are foreign objects that
enter the body, especially the
throat. Therefore cough can
occur in a healthy condition, so
they can say `make healthy
cough`, and could be in a state
of pain that hurts so `cough`.
On the nose, throat and internal
organs have receptors called
mucus that serves capture
foreign substances that infects
the human body. These
receptors are produced by
goblet cells (being there
Microbiology research project
on this cell). Substances
produce mucus mucin and some
substances that contain salt.
One type of mucus is the
sputum ( phlegm ).
So, when there are foreign
substances that could arise
from the smoke, the sharp
smell, dust, pollen, dirt on the
wind, etc. into the nose, mucus
worked as a security guard with
a pitfall in the form of mucin to
capture foreign substances
earlier. Traps had a double
function in addition to capturing
the enemy, as well as to keep
the lining of the nose remains
wet. When stools pass through
the tengggorokan, he was
detained with sputum
production. Because the
phlegm in the form of mucus
that inhibits breathing, then we
make out sputum batuklah is at
once the enemy was.
Unfortunately, sometimes the
enemy is releasing
pamungkasnya weapon when
he went into the throat, and the
chance that another security
guard, security guard in our
bodies (antibodies) are letoy as
`salary` (read = nutrition) is less.
As a result our body fever,
fever, followed by flu, colds,
and coughs. Usually we are
encouraged to take vitamin C,
eat fruit and vegetables, drink
lots of water.
The sputum produced in your
throat contain chemicals that
vary depending on climate,
genetics and condition of the
body's defense system.
Generally a viscous solution
containing a gel which is a
solution glicoprotein,
imunoglobin, lipids, etc..
Sputum color to indicate the
severity of symptoms of
1. Sputum of healthy color is
clear or white
2. Yellow phlegm sign of
symptoms of fever, cough,
common cold
3. Green phlegm sign of
pneumonia indication
4. Brown phlegm sign of heavy
smokers and heavy pebatuk (:D)
5. TB sputum mixed with blood
In Japan, I learned how to
prevent viral or bacterial
infection, especially when the
change of seasons, or the flu
(kaze) is by washing your hands
(te o Arau) and throat wash
(ugai). Washing throat means
putting water into the mouth
and then raised his head, so the
water up to the throat, and
then emits `` goro-goro in the
throat, the water is not
swallowed but spit out
immediately (I wonder what
the Indonesian language ... .???)
Glory to Allah who has created
such a perfect system, I believe
animals have it too, just .... I
have never seen a cat cough or
runny nose dog

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