Monday, February 21, 2011


Cats have lived with humans
through various times and
cultures, but only a few
hundred years were selected
and mated with the aim to
produce a particular race with a
clear and definite genetic.
Compared with an * which have
evolved over time, with various
races, sizes, shapes and
characters, racial variation is
narrower cat. Unlike the *,
variations in size and
conformation of different races
are not much different cat.
What is a Pedigree?
In a simple pedigree means
lineage. Cats with pedigree
(pedigreed cat) is a pedigree cat
is known to several generations
earlier. This pedigree must be a
written record (certificate).
A pure Persian cat could have
mated with pure Siamese cat.
Although both cats silisilah is
clear, the resulting child can not
be expressed as a new race
(Persian / Siamese) to children
who have traits produced a
clear and consistent
Ras Cats
Based on her hair, race cat can
be divided into three groups,
namely the long hair (longhair),
short hair (shorthair) and the
hair is (semi-longhair). Here is a
list of races that are classified
based on cats long hair:
- Persian
- Birman
- Turkish Van
- Turkish Angora
- Somali
- Maine Coon
- Norwegian Forest
- Balinese
- Javanese
- Ragdoll
- Tiffanie
- Tiffany
- Cymric
- Exotic Shorthair
- British Shorthair
- American Shorthair
- European Shorthair
- Chartreux
- Oriental Shorthair
- Siamese
- Snowshoe
- Seychellois
- Abyssinian
- Russian Blue
- Korat
- Burmese
- Asian Group
- Burmilla
- Bombay
- Bengal
- Tonkinese
- Egyptian Mau
- Singapore
- Ocicat
- Japanese Bobtail
- Manx
- Cornish Rex
- Devon Rex
- Selkirk Rex
- American Curl
- Scottish Fold
- American Wirehair
- Sphynx
Here are some cats that formed
races because of genetic
- American Bobtail
- American Curl
- American Wirehair
- Cornish Rex
- Cymric
- Devon Rex
- Germany Rex
- Japanese Bobtail
- Kurilian Bobtail
- LaPerm
- Manx
- Munchkin
- Ojos Azules
- Peterbald
- Pixie-bob
- Selkirk Rex
- Scottish Fold
- Sphynx
Race cat that obtained by
mating with wild cats:
- Alpine Lynx
- Bengal
- Chausie
- Desert Lynx
- Highland Lynx
- Jaguarundi Curl
- Savannah
- Serengeti
- Toyger

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