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This factor is
crucial, in the development of
the next cat. If raising a cat, just
a perfunctory only, then do not
expected to be successful.
Also too, even more important
that feeding should be chosen-
chosen. The reason for this
import cats, if their feed at
random, then did not rule out
the feathers would fall out, so
the beauty of the cats no
longer exists.
Drh. Ooy Komariah, in a paper on
ways to keep cats healthy,
beautiful and prosperous
provide some important clues in
Naturally, Komariah said, cats
are animals that are very
careful in choosing food. A
healthy cat is a cat who is active
and always alert. Marked by
bright sunshine, and the
feathers look as if the shine.
In the provision of food, there
are basic rules that should be
known by the breeder cats are:
1). Provide food, which comes
from a company with good
reputation, 2). Do not give the
cat food, mixed up with dog
food or vice versa, 3). Bowls of
food and drink, should always
clean, 4). Do not give food from
food that is damaged, 5). Do not
include fish and chicken bones,
cat food, 6). Provide food at
room temperature is cool and
fresh, 7). Dispose of food left,
so the cat is finished eating, 8).
Consider weight, and do not let
food in excess portion, 9). Do
not store food, which has been
cooked into the refrigerator
again, and 10). Consult with
your veterinarian if the cat
would not eat in 24 hours.
Diet Watch
In a breeding cat, pay attention
to the food given to cats,
especially foods that contain
the following elements:
proteins contained in
commercial cat food, meat,
eggs, milk, and cheese at least
25%. Fats found in animal fats,
and vegetables at least 9%.
Carbohydrates contained in
rice, potatoes, and dry food up
to 40%. Then add the minerals,
vitamins and water.
As for the cage, especially
required when traveling or
bringing animals to the vet.
Never go with a cat, without a
cage because it will be fatal. Do
not forget to provide sand in
the box, the cat's cage to
facilitate urination and
In health maintenance, health
checks should be done
regularly, giving the vaccination
at least 1 time a year and giving
de-worming every 3 months.
All three are very important,
because if you do not do it,
worry about cat health will
There are some signs, which
indicate that the cat is healthy
is: fur shine and feel soft when
touched. No visible markings,
scratch marks on the skin. Inner
ear, pink and should not be seen
there is discharge out of the ear
Eyes shining and clean. The
nose was soft, and moist when
touched. Clean teeth and
breath does not smell. Pink
gums, and the area around the
anus under the tail always looks
While in breeding, there are
some important things to
consider are: 1. Type of cat that
will be bred, 2. If you want to
breed cats, should that have a
clear pedigree. For this, we
must find a suitable male cat, 3.
Do not forget, give vaccinations
prior to breeding cats, 4. Tell
your doctor before mated, if
the cat was in good health, 5.
Provide a balanced nutrition,
the cat who was pregnant, also
on the parent who is
breastfeeding, 6. Prepare a
place / box warm for the needs
of the mother in childbirth, 7. If
the mother dies or unwilling to
care for her child, adoptive
parent swatch, 8. Train your
kitten from an early age,
starting from the age of 4
weeks, 9. Give your kitten food
according to age.
Keep in mind, that female cats
will experience a period of want
to marry (heat) with cycles
every 2 weeks. While the
length of estrus, it is between
2-4 days each breeding season.
While the male animals
throughout the year, after
entering adulthood.
There are some signs of a
female cat at the time wanted
to marry al: Start memangil
male cat-calling, a way out
meowing sound. 2. Cats will roll
around, in the presence of the
male with the intent to attract
the attention of the male, 3. At
the first meeting, the female
will try to reject the male, 4.
After successfully perform
coitus male, female cats will
The signs of pregnant cat al:
Nipples begin to enlarge. Fur
around the nipple began to thin,
this is to facilitate the child
suckling its mother. Enlarged
abdomen, and weighs 1-2 kg cat
will increase during pregnancy.
While the female cat will give
birth sign is: First time going out
of white mucus in the vagina.
In the first phase, the signs will
give birth to its mother began
breathing heavily and panting,
but does not feel pain. The next
phase, the cat began to lay on
one of the main side and lifted
one of the main rear leg

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