Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to Persuade WantChildren To Eat Vegetables

Giving gifts favorite food to
children when he wants to eat
vegetables is a mistake. The
following is a more effective
way to get kids to eat
vegetables .
Apparently bribing your child to
want to eat vegetables by
providing ice cream , candy ,
chocolate or food favorite is
the solution fast. That way,
children get the nutrition and
you will not persuade him dizzy.
Unfortunately, this method can
actually interfere with your
child mentality in the long
term. According to research
conducted by LeAnn Birch ,
PhD, a professor of human
development at Penn State
University , reveals that it
actually increases a sense of
reluctant little larger on the
broccoli , spinach , carrots and
vegetables other.
As quoted from eatinghealth,
may persuade the child with
food sweet can occasionally be
done but not at any time. There
are better ways than to
persuade him with candy .
1. Give an example by eating a
meal of vegetables in front of
the child and invite him to eat
with you.
2. Make a presentation of
vegetables as attractive as
possible. For example, cooking
soup with pieces of carrot -like
flowers or add macaroni with
interesting shapes.
3. Encourage your child to cook
vegetables is with you. In this
way, it is hoped the child would
try to eat what was cooked.
You do not need to eat
forbidden foods sweet . If
forced, it actually makes your
child eat foods sweeter without
your knowledge. Instead, teach
him to consume foods sweet a
natural as honey or fruit- trees .

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