Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Vegetables are very good for
our bodies, and as parents, we
should educate and lead
children to eat vegetables
every day as well as good for
the growth period, the content
of vitamins and minerals
contained in it are very good for
our bodies. How can so the little
one to eat vegetables? Here are
tips to get around and make the
little one going and likes to eat
Good attitude and a little
creativity is the key
The most important factor
affecting the attitude of your
own, give examples on the Baby
by contributing to eat
vegetables on a regular basis.
Avoid forcing them to eat
vegetables. Ajarkannya to try
to eat vegetables in a teaspoon
full, but do not be sad if he
refused. By itself, it will
attempt to try again, so keep
him introduce a variety of food
from time to time. And keep in
mind, usually the little one will
learn why nutrition is important
for the body. You can educate
him by often said: "Vegetables
is easy you know, and can make
our body healthy and also
getting bigger and stronger".
Some tricks that can be done
Add some vegetables to
food purchased in stores, or
food that is ready to eat
Serve on a plate of
vegetables such as salad
vegetables, fruit salad,
before the main meal, and
when he is hungry-hungry.
Always prepare fresh
vegetables such as
tomatoes, lettuce, carrots,
inside your refrigerator, so
when you need it to make a
snack or a snack for the little
one, the materials are
already available in your
Always prepare well for
salad dressings, like thousand
island, and can also add
cheese sauce to add taste.
You can also make mashed
potatoes (smashed sweet
potatoes), potatoes also
contain lot of vitamins
especially vitamin A
Try to take the little one to
be creative to make a salad
or sandwich favorite, using
Try not to cook vegetables
too ripe to maintain the
flavor and integrity of the
Try to introduce vegetables
to the little one, try to serve
the menu of vegetables
every day with different
menus and of course served
with a draw.
Bring the little one to go be
creative in the menu to serve
vegetables, such as teach
the little one to wash
vegetables, or teach your
child more likely to cut
vegetables, or teach how to
choose good vegetables and
Try to grow vegetables in
your yard, take the little one
to join this activity.
Additional Tips
If the little one really does not
like vegetables, try to mix the
vegetables into favorite foods,
such as:
Make muffins, together with
the little one by adding a
little pumpkin batter mixture
into it, or carrots.
Try to include leaf lettuce,
sliced ​​tomatoes, or sliced
​​carrots into a tuna sandwich,
meat, or chicken.
Try to add the frozen
vegetables that are ready-
mixed into a salad, spaghetti,
soup or lasagna.
Try to make pizza with the
little one with toping add
vegetables, like broccoli,
spinach, plus also with
tomato sauce toping.

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