Monday, March 14, 2011

Easy Audio Editor Software

Dexster Audio Editor will be
able to make a supersonic audio
professional with great ease.
Even if you are a beginner
Dexster Audio Editor, from
Softdiv Software, may not
offer as many editing tools as
GoldWave, but it aims for user-
friendly or easy to use. Each
user can retrieve audio from
video files, convert formats,
record from the internet, add
effects, filters or burn CDs.
The manufacturer is constantly
improving, adding new tutorials,
and also offer free upgrades for
1 (one) year. This software can
work on many WAV format
either compressed or
uncompressed, such as AIFF
(Apple), AU, AVI, MP3, OGG, and
WMA (Windows).
Audio Editing:
This software can perform
batch processing and
conversion processes such as
providing a marker to edit, or
also provide tag information
simultaneously. All edits have a
preview option and are fully
The software also has preset
effects, including compressor /
expander, fade in / out, cross
fading, flange, phase,
Normalize, envelope
(envelopes), reverb, and
vibrato. Dexster Audio Editor
also offers a very good
collection of filters such as high
and low shelf, notch, band pass,
FFT and equalizer. It also can
reduce the silence or silent,
vocal sounds, and trim.
It would be nice if they had an
effect chain editor, and the
ability to tag in and out. Maybe
it will exist in their version to
Recording / Burning:
To record with this software is
very easy. You can record from
the internet, line-in, or it can rip
from DVD, or extract from an
audio CD. This software can also
work in a variety of audio
formats and producers, who if
not supported then you can
download it through the update
process. This program will work
very well on the audio formats
MP3 and WAV audio formats
and a few other kinds. This
software is also at the same
time have software for burning.
Easy of Use:
Dexster Audio Editor is one of
the best audio editor software
is easy to use, especially for
beginners. You do not have to
know how to Adjust the audio
to get a more sophisticated
effect. Simply apply one effect
or filter that has been provided
and that's it. On the main page
there are drop-down menus,
icons used to control, to give
effect, as well as ZOOM. Scroll
Mouse allows you to do the
ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT as far
as you want instantly. And also
you can do some basic
operations such as cutting,
pasting, or also to combine
multiple files using right-click
your mouse. The software also
uses basic keyboard shortcut
like ctrl-x to cut and ctrl-v to
paste and other basic shortcut.
Help and Support:
This product has excellent
support if you need help to use
their products or also to create
a specific effect. This program
includes integrated help, user
guide, and turorial terminology
such as an online user forum,
tutorials, FAQs, and access to
technical support via email.
They often conduct reforms
and also with the purchase. You
will get free updates for 1 year.
Softdiv Software says that this
version is almost 100%
compatible with Windows Vista.
However untu future versions
will be made 100% compatible
with Windows Vista.
Both feature this software that
is creative and technically make
Dexster Audio Editor can make
a very good audio for use on
online radio, website, or also for
use in presentation of a large
This product can record
everything from microphones
to the audio stream, and after
so, this program will help you to
save it into a CD. Starting from
the sound bytes up to the
hardcopy, this software do

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