Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Human life in the present and
future can not be separated
from technology. One form of
very rapid technological
development is information
technology, or better known
people with IT. The
introduction of IT since the
early to the child will provide
lunch to the children to face
the global era.
IT education early age must be
adjusted to the theory of
growth and development in this
age of 0-8 years. Children aged
0-8 years when categorized
educational pattern can be
subdivided into 4 age of parent
coaching (0-2 years), pre-school
age (2-4 years), formal school
age (4-6 years), and age of
preparation elementary
education (6-8 years). Each
category of early childhood has
a different form of IT
The core of IT education, there
are two things that introduce IT
early and help children's
learning process in a much more
enjoyable. In another sense
that IT in this case the
computer was introduced as an
object as well as computer
dipelajaridan used as a medium
of learning other sciences.
IT forms the introduction of
this form of introduction of
computer hardware that can be
viewed and handled directly by
the child such as CPU, Monitor,
Mouse, Keyboard and Printer.
The introduction of hardware is
equipped with an explanation of
each function tool with a direct
way to practice its use.
Proficiency using keyboard and
mouse more easily taught to
children as compared with
people who are already old.
Introduction to hardware
limitations this is a child not
related directly to electricity.
So, children are not allowed to
drive in itself plug into a power
outlet or holding device that if
powered directly. This is to
ensure that children are not
exposed to electric shock and
make sure to avoid short circuit
electrical current.
Design and layout of computer
hardware tailored to the child's
body size or regular termed
ergonomics. Ergonomic work
tools are not bad for the
anatomy of the child for the
long term. Mouse for example,
cultivated for its size adjusted
to grip the child and is
convenient to reach. The
location of the monitor also
sought not to make children
look up or too close to time to
see it.
Computers can also be used to
assist the delivery of learning
materials to make it more
enjoyable. The existence of a
colorful display of images that
can move and the sound of
joyous singing that can
stimulate the child to feel more
at home playing while learning.
A lot of edutainment software
that can be used for this study.
Edutainment software is able to
foster creativity, imagination,
and train the motor nerves of
children. An example is the
familiar game of colors,
recognize familiar pictures and
sounds. For pre-school age
children (2-4 years) is very
suitable to use edutainment
software like this.
Other edutainment software
that hone their intellectual and
psychomotor aspects of
children introduced to the
above pre-school age (4-8
years). Preparation of puzzles,
games of strategy, memory
training, preparation of the
tangram, looking for hidden
objects and look for differences
is an example of software
suitable for use in this age.
Besides, there are also software
literacy and numeracy in two or
three languages ​​and logic
games that really helps brain
development of children.
Technology, particularly IT are
expected to bridge the left and
right brain balance children.
However, keep in mind that the
technology also has a negative
impact on children. Actual
technology is neutral. Positive
or negative impacts that may
arise from more technology
dependent than their
utilization. Computers as one
form of technology used in
vain, the impact could be

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