Tuesday, March 15, 2011


PATTERN healthy living must
be trained from an early age,
one of them carefully adjusting
the diet. Healthy body can
increase the concentration and
intelligence of the baby.
Here are the things that must
be considered to set healthy
eating patterns for the pitcher.
1. Eating Schedule Set
Schedule regular meals not
only teaches discipline in
children, also get children on
healthy eating. Teach the
importance of breakfast for
school density in undisturbed
Get used also for dinner
together. Sitting with the
family at the dinner table while
chatting casually, create an
atmosphere of dinner is more
warm and comfortable.
2. Provide Provisions
Bringing lunch from home has
two benefits for you and the
kids: saving pocket money and
avoid the snacks at school that
is not guaranteed cleanliness.
3. Involve Children
Shopping becomes an
enjoyable time for children.
Children can choose what foods
they want to eat for dinner or
as a school lunch.
Shopping is also a good time to
teach children how to choose
foods that are healthy and
nutritious. For the child who
was a teenager, also taught
how to read labels on food, and
calculate calorific value in it.
4. Prepare a Healthy, No Need
to Throw a
Always make your kitchen as a
healthy food warehouse. Do
not leave the refrigerator
empty of vegetables, fruits,
milk, fruit juices, the herbs,
white water, and wheat snacks.
Get rid of collection calorie
laden snacks, sodas, or fatty
pastry. Do not allow children to
see it!
5. Create Variations Food
Children hate to eat
vegetables? Set a new strategy
to "hide" vegetables in your
cooking. Do not let children
know there are veggies in it.
Right now sold in the market,
vegetable nuggets with a taste
similar to chicken or fish
Create also supplies food with
unique shapes. Remove your
creativity to decorate your
food into animal shapes,
cartoon characters, or favorite
6. Do not Make Dining Table
As Battlefield
Let the child choose what he
wants to eat. Do not imitate the
nag Misae Shinchan always
forced to eat peppers. If the
child is already full, do not
force him to spend the meal
until sold out.
from Various Sources

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